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As an attorney, Jim Ballinger is uniquely situated to offer his specially tailored legal protection programs to Louisville, Kentucky area bars and/or restaurants. Jim is one of the few dues paying attorney members of the Kentucky Restaurant Association. Jim is also certified as a ServSafe® Alcohol instructor.


  1. FREE SPECIFICALLY TAILORED EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS to bars and/or restaurants who retain Jim and his team. The handbooks will include all of your policies and procedures, vacation / sick day / holiday policies, disciplinary policies, code of ethics, etc., as per your individual needs.
  1. TWO 45 MINUTE SEMINARS PER YEAR to be scheduled and conducted at your business premises with your employees. Three 15-minute sessions will include: 1) a brief overview of Kentucky’s Dram Shop (Liquor Liability) laws and any recent cases in the Kentucky court system; 2) Sexual harassment and workplace discrimination; and 3) your company’s social media policy as it relates to your employees. If you have other legal topics you wish to substitute or add to the program, Jim and his team will work out an accommodation with you if feasible.
  1. RECORD RETENTION OF SEMINARS AND EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS. After each bi-annual seminar each year Jim and his team at Louisville Lawyer, PLLC will ensure that each employee signs an acknowledgement of receiving the training materials and/or Employee Handbooks. Jim will then save copies at his offices and provide you with copies for your own files.

What Are the Benefits of Jim Ballinger’s Programs?

Jim’s programs cannot guarantee you that you will never be sued on the topics he has provided your employees training with. Nobody can ever promise that. However, as a 20-year litigation attorney, Jim knows what moves juries!

If you have diligently and consistently trained your employees and have the documentation to back it up, and you routinely and fairly enforce your policies and procedures, in the unlikely event you get sued because a rogue employee did not follow the rules and perhaps over-served someone who was in an accident, the benefits of Jim’s training cannot be overstated. Although no guarantees, it is no stretch that a jury would most likely look more favorably upon a diligent and conscientious bar and/or restaurant operator who went over-and-above in consistently ensuring their employees were well-trained and the same was documented. It is a small price to pay each year for what can possibly save your business! You may also check with your liability insurer to inquire as to discounts for participating in Jim’s programs.

Kentucky bars and restaurants have financially suffered perhaps the worst year of their existence in 2020 due to COVID-19 and governmental shutdowns. Jim certainly appreciates and empathizes with the past year’s situation on restaurants and bars. For this reason, for the year 2021 Jim will be offering significant discounted rates in an effort to help bars and/or restaurants get fully back on their footing. In addition, if you are a member of the Kentucky Restaurant Association, Jim will extend further discounts!

We’ll Answer the Call

For more information about attorney Jim Ballinger and Louisville Lawyer, PLLC’s Restaurant and Bar liability protection programs, please feel free to email him at jim@louisvillelawyer.com or call (502) 426-3215 and Jim will be happy to discuss the programs and the prices more in-depth.